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Since our watchword is creating value in an excellent manner, our tax management services is top-notch. At Yah Auditing and Accounting, we are fully aware that due to technological advancement, the business atmosphere globally is becoming increasingly charged. As such, tax management and planning is now tasking. However, with our leading edge technology and our experience in outsourcing and consulting, we will help you resolve your tax management issues. We have a track record in helping corporate businesses address challenges on their tax operations in the following areas:

  • Risk management (direct and indirect taxes)
  • Reporting
  • Tax compliance

We handle these in such a professional manner that ensures that your organization benefits from quality control and value-added services.

At Yah Auditing and Accounting, we pride ourselves in services that transform your business with a unique excellence. This is because we create a new standard with effective strategies that helps your business in practice of the processes, control and output of tax management.

With our technology and consulting capabilities, we will help create unique change that will add value to your organization and can withstand the challenges of quality assurance and control. We possess a strong tax department strategy, operating model and risk management. In most organisations, task departments incorporate risk management into their tax strategy. Where we come in is in giving professional advice to organisation departments with regard to the most effective strategies of infusing tax operations into their business models. In this regard, our services range from provision of models, roles and responsibilities to performance measurement and developing most suitable strategy for tax function.

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