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Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

As a top ranked audit and accounting firm based in Qatar, our goal is this: to use our knowledge and expertise to help boost your business financial performance and growth. Our financial advisory services have no restrictions both in terms of your business levels and in terms of geographical location. Whether you are a government institution, corporate businesses or community organisations, we operate with international standards that cater to your financial management needs.

At Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting, we believe that implementing the best strategies on your feasibility studies, business plans and project evaluations is a sure-fire way to reaching your financial goals. On your behalf, we conduct in-depth research, draft convincing and actionable business plans and evaluate your projects for better optimisation.

With our expertise and experience, we remain unrivalled in the provision of the best advisory services across the Asian continent and beyond. We operate with foremost international standards that beat other professional services anywhere. Our financial advisory services include:

  1. Corporate value
  2. Project finance and privatisation
  3. Business recovery services
  4. Corporate finance

Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting is committed to delivering the best consultancy services to clients on how to enhance their corporation’s value. We work with them to evaluate their businesses, prepare their financial projection and budget. Apart from this, we also render workable advice to government institutions and public corporations on project financing and resources management. In addition to this, we offer creditors and business owners great advice that help them recover value inherent in low-performance businesses. We also manage non-performing loan portfolios. Our services also include provision of private equity advice and ideas of managing proposed transactions.

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