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Our professional staff in the audit department gathers information during our auditing process to understand fully the client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum, then they make the audit decisions, and our financial advisory experts deliver perfect diagnostic tests.

Our methods help our clients achieve their targeted demand for enhanced accountability. We do our job closely with our clients, independently, and encourage open communication.

How we can help

Yasser A.Haikal team goes beyond auditing transactions and balances to providing records that are useful for our clients to get a better understanding of their business.

Internal Auditing and Assurance

Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting is a unique firm with a record of accomplishment in internal auditing and assurance. We are committed to giving you the best and high-quality auditing services that will skyrocket your businesses. We understand that in a world where various means of enhancing business growths abound, knowing which methods are best suitable to your business can be daunting. This is where we come in. We will help you identify the best strategy for your operational value. That way, spotting opportunities and keying in into them becomes achievable. This will not only assist in your risk management but also enhance your business performance.

When you allow us to handle your internal auditing and assurance, rest assured that you would get nothing but the best of services. At Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting, our internal auditing services are topnotch because we focus on strategies that work. Our approach is well thought-out and thorough with disciplined teams that produce the best results. Because we know what works in internal auditing and quality assurance, we hit the ground running. Furthermore, rather than turn in empty, huge reports, we do direct energy towards strategies that will instantly yield practical solutions.

In dealing with risks, reliable internal audit approach is required. For this to be more effective, the value of the risks must be felt. This is why at Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting, we operate with the best of minds and innovative technology that would add value to your corporate establishment. It is our principle that corporate business must look beyond in tackling risks, they should act rather than react. That way, there is quality assurance and a reliable internal auditing is guaranteed.

External Auditing and Assurance

Without doubt, auditing is crucial to your business growth. It does not only make your financial statement credible, it also helps to fast track your business performance. In addition to this, external audit adds great value to corporate governance by ensuring that information gathered on your business is both relevant and reliable.

At Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting, we understand that technology is fast changing the way things work and auditing as a legal principle is not an exception. There is a new perspective to it and we have got a state-of-the-art technology to enhance quality assurance and auditing services experience of our clients. We treat them like kings and offer proven solutions that bring forth results. Out team are goal-driven and very committed to work. Therefore working with us is an assurance that your business will skyrocket in performance.

Our assurance and auditing services are also extended to governments and public sectors. We offer consulting in risk management and external audit assurance. We have specialists across boards that assist government in producing reliable services to the people. Because of the huge responsibilities that come with governance, it can be challenging for government to maintain a balance in their service delivery to the people. The challenge can also come from the need to cut costs in order to meet more demands for infrastructural development. This is where Yasser A.Haikal Auditing and Accounting comes in. We have what it takes to help government at all levels deliver quality services to the people.

Considering the fact that bulk of work of government are delivered by the local governments, they tend to have so much to do. But often times, projects begging attention outweigh the budgets. Little wonder that local government are looking for ways to cut cost while not relenting on their bid to ensure that the best quality of services are rendered to the people. We work with government to offer the best quality of assurance services and external audit.

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