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About us

Since its founding in 1997, Yasser Haikal Auditing & accounting (YH) has contributed to improving the financial and accounting performance of government, business, and community organizations in Qatar.

Furthermore, (YH) has always helped its clients in the face of the challenges posed by expansions of the scope of their work and activities at the local and international levels through providing quality auditing and accounting services.

The Office was set up in 1997, and it sought to attract the best highly qualified professionals in the field of auditing and accounting and financial consulting. Yasser Abdel Tawab Haikal Office for Auditing and Accounting was established to innovate in the development of the financial and accounting system and provide the best services in the field of finance and accounting for business owners, corporations, government and non-governmental institutions. We were proud to celebrate our Silver Jubilee at the end of 2022. Plus, we are now accredited by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, QFC, Qatar Financial Centre, QFZ Qatar Free Zones, QDB Qatar Development Bank, and the General Tax Authority. Based on our true belief in the role and value of the accounting systems and our understanding of the urgent need for our customers to provide them with specialists with high expertise in this area, it has been necessary to provide financial and accounting services in all sectors that serve and support the global and regional economies; where our office offers this service focusing on the expertise of its members who are characterized with professional excellence and high confidentiality of the customers’ data; for example, but not limited to:

• Arts, & media • Agriculture • Real estate & construction
• Automotive • Food & Beverage • Manufacturing
• Financial sector • Education • Hotels &hospitality
• Charities and not for profit • Aviation • Oil & Gas
• Transport and logistics • Technology • Insurance & Reinsurance
• Shipping • Public sector and government • NGO’s

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We will use our skills, knowledge, and expertise to help business, government, and community organizations develop their financial performance and meet their business growth requirements both at the national and international levels through providing unique audit and accounting services


In all areas of our business, we strive to achieve excellence and make our excellence unique in order that we remain top ranked among audit and accounting firms in Qatar and begin conducting business beyond Qatar’s borders by the end of 2030.

Core Values

In all areas of our business, we strive to achieve excellence and make our excellence unique.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:
We seek effective and efficient ways to better serve our clients, meet their needs, and enhance their performance and results.

Building rock-solid, long term business relationships with our clients is the ultimate goal of every single activity we carry out. Hence, we make sure that our day-to-day operations produce consistent results so that we can achieve total customer confidence.

Sense of Urgency:
We feel a sense of urgency on matters related to our customers. We own problems, anticipate needs, respond quickly and deliver excellent solutions.

we work within a defined system to achieve clearly stated objectives, yet there is enough space for everyone to act innovatively within this system.

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