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In-Country Value (ICV) Certification

ICV certification is a process to certify supplier or contractor ICV score by the independent pre-approved ICV.

Yasser Haikal Auditing & Accounting has been appointed as ICV Certifier for ICV Program Implementation by Tawteen and QP

Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar led by Qatar Petroleum with the participation of all the other companies operating in this sector. The Program consists of three key pillars and these are new investment opportunities, supplier development initiatives, and a new In-Country Value (ICV) policy.

Why Should I obtain ICV Certificate?

ICV Certificate enhances your business opportunities with Energy Sector as a supplier or service provider.

All Bidders shall submit their ICV certificates in tenders & procurement process with Energy Sector

Provide local businesses with more opportunities to participate in business activities with the participating entities.

ICV certificate will play a major role in commercial evaluation for tenders to determine the winning bidder

Why Should I obtain ICV Certificate?

1. General & Detailed Verification for ICV Scorecard Template.
2. Review & sampling Request.
3. Audit the samples and doubts clarifications
4. Drafting the report and discuss it  with clients” Suppliers”
5. Final Report & Issue ICV Certificate

ICV Certification Request

For ICV Certification Request and further information and clarifications kindly fill this form or drop an email. your request is highly appreciated

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