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Forensic Services

Forensic Services

Your business is growing. So are your employees, your customers and every other issues you will tackle. When this is the case, serious issues like hacking, corruption, disputes, threats are likely to pop up. How then do you handle these? How do you ensure your reputation is kept intact, unsoiled? How do you make sure your business value is not eroded?

This is what we do at YASSER A.HAIKAL Auditing and Accounting. We understand what it feels like to lose your business reputation. When corruption threatens the existence of your business, we know how it can affect your growth. We also know how costly it can be when your most valued data is stolen through hacking. In business, the risks you face as you grow is unlimited. With our in-depth experience and expertise in forensic services, here is how we can help. We are swift in gathering all the facts to identify the actual problem and then we fix it immediately. We however trust our preventive measures to forestall this before it even happens.

With us, your forensic needs for your corporate establishment are met, in the most professional manner. Ours is to provide you with actionable advice that will boost your market confidence. Also, by serving as your expert witness, investigating on your behalf, we stand in for you in mediation and arbitration. So you do not have to worry. When you help us to serve you, consider issues threatening your business resolved.

In other words, trust us to handle issues threatening your business – contract disputes, cybercrime, litigation, intellectual property, insurance claims and more – you would be making informed decisions towards proffering lasting solutions. As such, you have enhanced your business performance and confidence.

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